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Here is what some of our satisfied clients have to say
“We were very satisfied with the service and efficiency of your company.  Getting the quote was quick and easy, and your staff started on time each day and worked hard. We are very confident with the job you did and have been recommending you to all our neighbors.”

Mrs. Inger
Englewood, CO
*More references and individual info available upon request and approval by homeowner*
                 “I love my new roof!!” Everything turned out just as ARCM Inc. Roofing said it would. The roof was installed in one day.

 Mrs. Thomas
Highlands Ranch
“We were both amazed at how easy it was to work with your roofing company. Getting the quote was quick and easy, and your staff did great work and cleaned up every day. A first-class job, you have a customer for life.”

Mr. Besbitt
Morrison, CO
“I had to replace my old roof before selling the house, and I got a referral to your company from a friend. I was so impressed with the professionalism and overall craftsmanship! The new roof greatly increased the value of my house and it was all because of you. Thank you for your hard work and reasonable prices!

Ms. Scmidt 
Lakewood, CO 
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Reference Letter 10-13-2013
Hi ARCM Roofing,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and your team for the fine job you did on our house following the Hail storm of August 3rd, 2013. That storm ravaged the Greeley area and damaged our house along with many of our neighbors for many blocks around us. When we emerged from our basement following the 25 minute pounding we took, we where astonished to discover the amount of damage we had received! Our roof was beat to a pulp,windows shattered, blinds shredded, garage door dented in every panel, our vinyl fence looked as if it had taken machine gun fire,and even areas of paint had been chipped off the side of the house in many places. We were in shock and at a loss for what to do. My Wife and I both work full time jobs and have four children in school all with extracurricular activities. We knew we had insurance but had no idea how we could coordinate the time and effort into getting all these repairs accomplished.

That's when we discover your company, ARCM. Your team quickly arranged for the replacement of our roof. In fact, we were the first on our block to have our roof replaced! You then proceeded to replace the windows and garage door, paint the house and fix our fence. All with very little disruption to the day to day activities of our family routine. 

Thanks again, ARCM Inc. for a job well done . Please feel free to use us as a reference for the timeliness and quality of your work.
It is nice to pull into our driveway and not have to stare at the scars of a storm which will long be remembered.


Tom & Christy R.
Greeley CO.
Reference Letter 12-15-2013
To Whom It May Concern

After a hail storm, I acquired the services of Anthony Hong of ARCM Inc to help through the estimating, insurance claim, and repair/replace process. Anthony was selected based on research online and personal references.

The initial claim with the insurance company for the roof was red. Anthony's approach was to wait or calm to return to the local industry and adjusters. I was skeptical but Anthony walked me through the process and discussed the approach. His understanding of the process proved correct.
The roof and gutter replacement was performed professionally and the majority of the site work was completed in three days. The crew did an amazing job and the yard was left clean without any damage. ARCM Roofing returned to address punchlist items and the final product was better than expected.

Do not hesitate to use ARCM Roofing for insurance repairs and I would trust him for similar property management efforts.
Michael S. 
Littleton, CO

Reference Letter 08-22-2014

To Whom It May Concern

Thank You ARCM Inc. for the beautiful Roof. I'm am really happy with the new Impact Resistant Shingles. The class 4 roof or impact resistant  shingles also saved me money on  my homeowners insurance prem. 

I appreciate you being so patient with me during such a stressful time.

Mrs. Strait 
Englewood, CO

Reference Letter 05-02-2014

To Whom It May Concern,

I am not a person that trusts a solicitor. I’ve been looking for a roofer over 1 yr. It is mid- March, my husband and I are in the front yard, discussing the roof and how it needs replaced. My husband asked if I had decided who will do our roof?  I said, “No”. I don’t know who to trust. I have 20 roofing companies that have done work in this area, and are on my DO NOT CALL LIST. He asked, “Why?” I said according to all the Home Improvement shows, I have seen an Ice & Water shield  needs to go down, and I have not seen any of these companies do this, nor have they removed the gutters and that is why the roof is not installed properly. Water gets into the window frame and it rots, and has to be replaced. Just then I see a white truck, it reads ARMC Roofing. This long legged man gets out and is coming to our house. I instruct my husband not to talk to him. I tried to walk into the garage. I am too slow, he caught up to me. Anthony asked if we have thought about replacing the roof?  I answered, “ I do not do business with solicitor’s. I do not trust them.” Anthony is giving us good and accurate advice about the added expense, if water should start getting inside the house. What he was saying was true, as I had heard this on the Home Improvement Shows that I have watched. I asked about the Ice & Water Shield, and he said is done with all of his jobs.

I gave him the information to our Home Owner’s insurance, he contacted them, met with the adjuster when he came to look at the roof (the adjuster asked him to put a tarp down) I have never seen this, as this is not the 1st time the roof has been replaced. My husband asked, “Do you trust him?” I answered, “ You know I never do business with a solicitor, but I have this feeling about him, like God threw him in our path, and yes, I trust him.”

I am so happy that I let my guard down, the workmanship is beyond superb. My roof stands out, I LOVE it. His employees are gentlemen. My yard was not only cleaned, but they left it in a better condition than it was when they arrived. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a roof. Also I hired him because a clean truck tells me that this man cares about himself, his name and has respect for his work. I will leave his sign on my front yard for the other 20 roofers on my Do not call list to see what good workmanship looks like.

Evelyn Cisneros
Morrison, Colorado

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